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Debit Card Fraud

If you notice suspicious activity on your debit card, contact your banker immediately to report fraudulent transactions and order a new card.

After business hours, call AnchorLine at 952-808-8083 option 8 to cancel your card. To order a new card, contact your banker Monday - Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm.



Sarah Wiczek


Senior Vice President, 
Private Banking




A Well-Rounded Advocate

If you’re looking for someone to support your success, look no further than Sarah Wiczek. For years, Sarah has provided relationship management and financial advocacy for those within the Twin Cities community.  As a Private Banker at Anchor Bank, Sarah works in concert with a team of specialists for the benefit of business owners, professionals and high net worth individuals. This team helps to customize financial solutions based on the unique needs of our clients, geared toward the goals they have for their family and their legacy.

Sarah is not only an advocate for her community and our clients: she is an advocate for her son and dedicates much of her time supporting his activities and schoolwork. She is also an active member in multiple nonprofit organizations that focus on children’s cancer research and community stabilization.

With a strong history of understanding and knowing the goals of those around her, as well as caring about their success, Sarah’s clients can be confident that their dreams are in the right hands.

Aspiration: Dream big.

Education: Hamline University


Direct: 952.476.7874
NMLS#: 806071